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I’m pregnant now and would like to book you for our newborn photos. What should I do?
You can just follow the 3 Steps to Book Now, above! I will reach out to you to begin styling with you.

When is the best time to book my photos?
I recommend booking in your second trimester. I will always try to take later/ last minute bookings as well but can’t always accommodate them due to high demand. 

I booked, but what if my baby comes earlier or later than expected? Or has a nicu stay?
I will be in contact with you throughout your pregnancy.  No newborn is hard booked due to this reason.  We schedule in advance early in your pregnancy to allow the spot open two weeks around your due date.  Once you are home from the hospital, you reach out to let me know and we firm up your scheduled appointment.  Newborn boys are not photographed earlier than 13 days if circumcised. 

When and where are newborn photos done?
Newborn photos are taken within 8-20 days after birth in my studio.  My studio is located in Greensburg, PA., about 30 minutes from Pittsburgh and I schedule the sessions for weekday mornings. Each session takes between 1 to 3 hours.

What should I expect once I arrive for the session?
You can sit back and relax! I will have everything set up ahead of time and take care of it all from start to finish. You can enjoy watching your baby get his/her photos taken and get a few hours to yourself! I have a refreshment area along with a changing station for your little one.  

Do I need to buy or bring anything for the baby to wear?
I provide everything we need to photograph your baby and you can pick your own color palette. I am constantly adding new headbands, hats, props, etc to my collection. If you’d like to bring something of your own, you are welcome to! Just let me know ahead of time so I can plan how best to incorporate it.

My baby has scratches, dry skin, red marks, etc. What should I do?
No problem at all! I will make a note of any scratches or flaky skin you want edited out. 

What if my baby poops or pees while you are photographing him/her?
It happens all the time! I do a lot of laundry and always say its a sign of a good session, LOL!

What if my baby is uncooperative for the session?
More of this is covered in the prep guide you will receive. I have ten years of experience doing this and working with many hundreds of babies! Most are great sleepers and, with my experience in handling them safely and properly, are very easy to photograph at this age. But of course, there are always a few that will get gassy, fussy, or just have an awake spell while here. I will also accommodate and adjust the poses so that baby is the most comfortable he/she can be. 

When will my photos be ready?
I pride myself on your luxe experience.  Your ordering appointment will be held 7 days after your session where you will look over your images and choose your favorites. 

Do I get digital photos?
 All images are edited and ready for print and or digital files.  You only invest in what you fall in LOVE with.  There are options for digital files to be purchased. All digital files are sent with a print release to print on your own if you choose.

What experience do you have?
I have been photographing newborns for ten years now! I photograph about a hundred newborn babies each year. I'm trained in how to properly and safely pose newborns. I'm always continuing with online learning; taking several classes per year. 

I also have three kids of my own, ages 15m 13 and 10!

And, before changing careers, I was a First Grade Teacher for Hempfield Area School District.  I love working with families but most of all love creating beautiful images  for families to cherish. 



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