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Pittsburgh, PA Photo Restoration

Being a photographer I know how important it is to preserve your memories in photographs.  Restoring photographs started with my family and some old photos that were faded, creased and even badly discolored.  I love working on each new photo because it is like watching the photo come to life before my eyes as it is restored.  Begin able to preserve these precious memories for families gives me so much joy.  For some, these are their only images of their loved ones.  Each photo is handled with care and returned.

No matter how old or damaged you photo is, Melissa Helman Photography can restore it.  Contact us to receive a free consultation and estimate.  Each project is individually priced.  

Restore Your Memories

Before & after

How It works

1. We scan your photograph into our computer.

2. Using advanced digital restoration techniques, we remove all traces of damage from the photos.

3. We make prints of the new , restored photos and return the unaltered original to you.

4. We archive the restored photos in our system for 3 months. Anytime you want additional prints within that time- larger, smaller or the same size, contact us and we will make them ready for you.

How it works

Services include:

Restoration of minor to severely damaged photographs:
          * torn and cracked
          *sun damaged
          *mold damaged
Recreation of missing pieces
Color correction of color photos
photo enhancement
Creation of display reproductions
5x7 print copy

How much does it cost?

Each photo is unique and we take pride in handling each photo individually. Each photo restoration cost must individually be quoted.  After we scan your photo and evaluate the damage you receive a custom quote for the restoration based on the extent of damage.  

Prices for an average restoration is approximately $100

To provide you with an accurate quote we need to see a snapshot of your photo. We don't do one size fits all pricing. The damage to your photo is as unique as your photo itself. We quote every photo individually. 

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