This is two!

Milestone sessions are held typically 6-9 months., 9-12 months, and once a year for birthdays. I make it a tradition in my family to take my kids photos for their birthday. My family loves the updates they get every year from me and I love watching my children grow every year. The tradition also gives us a chance to have some one on one time.

Since this has become a tradition in our home, my kids request certain looks or locations as they get older. I love that they are now taking ownership in their style and whats important to them.

This sweet girl has been with me since she was a newborn. I have come to know her mom and brother over the years as they return for their milestone sessions. We continue to build upon style and make sure to really capture where they are as they grow.

This was her two year old studio milestone session. She was so excited to come in and explore the studio again and pick a fun dress from the studio collection. We played hide and seek ….can you tell which photos are from our game of hide and seek?

Here are some images from her session. Happy Birthday!

girl in pink dress smiling

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