Sorry,I’m A Creative

This last month has been a tough one when it comes to business. I have felt energized on days and others feeling defeated. When I put it all into perspective, I think I’m feeling it more because I’m on the verge of really expanding things at the studio to bring the very best for my clients. When things seem to slow down business wise, I spend my days working on all the back end things that go into running a business. This means long hours and at times contemplating the changes and ideas I have over and over again.

Being a creative, I think its natural to go through the ups and downs that happen. I have learned to dive in when I’m feeling motivated and creative…writing down all my ideas and really going after the new goals I set for myself. In turn, I’m learning to remind myself that the low dips will pass and its my time to recharge in those moments.

With the Summer months almost here I’m getting organized with a new Summer schedule for the studio to stay productive. I ordered some new outfits for newborn sessions as well as new maternity outfits for the studio closet. I will be announcing some specials and events coming up soon at the studio. Please reach out and join the email list to stay in touch with all things from the studio.

How do you stay motivated as a creative? What are you looking forward to for this Summer?

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